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Mortgage for expats Eindhoven

As an expat, it may be difficult for you to close a mortgage in Eindhoven. Zelfverzekerd is there to guide you during this process. We provide mortgages for expats in Eindhoven. Request for an expat mortgage? We are happy to assist you to find a house for expats.


What’s an expat?

An expat is someone who temporarily stays in a country with a different culture than he grew up with. Often, they are sent by their employer. Sometimes it's people who apply directly to a foreign employer.


Expats mortgages

To make a living, you need a mortgage. Zelfverzekerd is there to guide you in that. We provide mortgage for expats in Eindhoven. We are happy to assist you with a house for expats.


Questions about mortgages?

Zelfverzekerd is there to help you. If you have a question about buying a house in Holland and closing the mortgage, please contact us. A house for expats is very important. With every busy day during the week, you also need a space to relax, your own place. For this, you can apply for a mortgage. We would like to think together with you and put all the options for you in place!


Contact us via the 'button' contact, which you see on the rightside of your screen. We are happy to assist you.